Original Art Deco Posters’ history.


Original Arrt Deco Poster.

Designed striking original limited-edition posters. They capture the enduring appeal of Art Deco.

TThe original newly-commissioned posters, feature the world’s greatest historic automobiles. Also, glamorous resorts around the world. And winter sports in the Austrian, French and Swiss Alps. House artist, Charles Avalon is known for his Art Deco automobile posters. He has produced the majority of the artworks in limited editions. In this case,  including the previous three Concours of Elegance Posters shown in this page.

Poster display was inspired during the Art Deco period. They were described as a visual shout . Since they proved to be an effective means of promotion. At an at-a-glance display, these decorative advertising posters — Initially produced by Swiss and French railway companies — were in station platforms and billboards. They were exhibit to persuade affluent and adventurous travellers. And helped to induce passengers to enjoy the newly-fashionable and modern luxury travel. The vast majority of these classic posters were destroyed when replaced by new ones.

The surviving vintage posters today fetch dramatic prices.

Pullman Editions opened its London gallery in 2010. Their intention was to meet a growing demand from both, enthusiastic collectors and admirers of Art Deco. Original designs were chosen for stylish or decorative reasons. But the most important, it was the yet affordable original posters’ price.

The ever growing collection is available in strictly limited editions. The number of them is about two hundred and eighty of each original design. Posters are printed using traditional techniques. All of them, on the finest quality one hundred percent pure-cotton and acid-free fine art paper. The posters measure 97 x 65 cms or their equivalent, 38 x 26 inches. They are supplied unframed, introduced in robust tubes. They can be shipped worldwide without any risk of damage to the original piece. Currently, there are in exhibition over 100 original designs to choose from, all of them are available for viewing and buying.

Original Posters' history.


Information and Images shared from Concourse of Elegance. Images Credit: COE, 2016.



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