The art in Lego by Nathan Sawaya.

The incredible art in Lego by Nathan Sawaya.

The incredible Lego ® artworks by Nathan Sawaya.

The incredible Lego artworks by Nathan Sawaya.

HHis Lego objective: Some artists use paint and others bronze. Nathan Sawaya chooses to build his awe-inspiring art out of toy building blocks. Lego bricks to be exact. The former corporate lawyer quit his job in 2001. He focused on becoming the world’s foremost Lego® artist. With more than one and a half million colored bricks, Sawaya’s sculptures take many forms. He designs and build  his work at his studio in New York City. Sawaya’s art is currently touring North American museums in a very attractive show named ‘The Art of the Brick’. It’s not the only exhibition focusing exclusively on Lego® as an art medium. The creations, constructed from 2001 were built with more than one million pieces. He uses for his job standard bricks produced for the Danish company.

He works as a full-time freelance artist. Sawaya accepts corporate and individual commissions. He just selects those with a good idea. He is also available to design and build custom creations for events, photo-shoots and conventions. When Sawaya knew what you have in mind, surely – according with his own statement — there are literally no limits to what he could create out of Lego.


Information and Images are shared from borepanda – by Tom. Date May 12th, 2016.


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