The Q letter stands for Quality.
Qiu means Quality Information Update.

The Qiu Magazine is a dedicated space, that shares — in a friendly style — selected international information from reliable sources, with a special regard to clearness, accuracy and visual appeal.

The Qiu Magazine is not a publisher. The site, selects articles from third parties to be shared, according with TQM Team’s own criteria, but attending to quality of information and images. At the bottom of the posts, the reader can find relevant data about the selected article: source, author, date, image credits, if available its representative company and news agency. To complete or extend the information about the content, there are included Links to the source where it was published or to its news agency.

The objective of The Qiu Magazine is to give the readers, the opportunity to get in their hands a group of selected articles to maintain them amused and informed. Other way, it would be nearly impossible for them, to select such a volume and variety of data, in an usually available reduced time.

If you find a mistake or wrong information, we beg you to let’s know about it as soon as possible. In case you have any right concerning an article or image, and you have some objection about relevant posted article, please be so kind to inform us. You can do it through our e-mait. Once verified and at your request, we’ll amend or eliminate this data. The TQM Team is working on good faith basis, for reader’s whole satisfaction.

Now, it’s time to enjoy The Qiu Magazine.


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